Sales has changed

Customers are no longer limited by geography, professional networks or product knowledge.  At the touch of a button, a Google search will reveal an endless list of suppliers claiming to be the best.

Sales leaders relying on the customer to be willing and capable of understanding the features, benefits and advantages of their product over the endless sea of others claiming to do the same thing are destined to lose.  

Sales leaders relying purely on brand and historically being number one already have.

For the forward thinking sales leader like you who knows this, it creates an opportunity for both your company and your own career if you are willing to seize it.  

It starts with accepting that the perception of your product is not unique.  Not because it isn’t an amazing product, but because everyone claims to be amazing and has reference customers and evidence to back it up.  

No doubt you are still winning business.

But you want to win more. Much more. You want to beat the competition and prove you are the best.

Here’s where PDCo can help.



lead... don't follow

We work with sales leaders who like us, believe that their work is one of the most important aspects of business.  Those who believe smashing targets is not an option.

All our customers have great products. What they didn’t have until working with us was the ability to communicate the implications of using their products vs not using them to both subject matter specialists and commercial decision makers, using the science of persuasion and an understanding of the psychological principles of decision making.

We are the only agency that specialise in sales presentations that go beyond design and leverage a proven scientific methodology to win.  We’ve done this for 120+ companies including some of the largest in Australia and internationally, selling solutions from $1,000 up to $500 million.  We’ve even been asked to build a presentation for a $1.5 billion one off pitch, which our customer won.    

We deliver results and are willing to prove it, working on risk free contingency basis with select customers serious about not losing sales.


CUSTOMER success stories

Over two years ago, as Property Advisors and Buyers’ Agents, Curtis Associates began to experience falling conversion rates which alerted us to the need to rethink our pitches. After working with Kris and the PDCo team, What emerged was a presentation and its revisions which, unlike our previous presentation, has elicited exceptional responses from senior executives as well as professionals in many disciplines including law, medicine, finance, academe, quantity surveyors and IT. Our conversion rates quickly broke previous records. It therefore is a pleasure to provide this testimonial and to confirm that we have no hesitation in recommending the PDCO team.
— Chris Curtis, Curtis Associates
For years now, we have been able to present with our Prezi knowing that it works. The feedback from our audience is always positive and has been a dramatic improvement on our previous Powerpoint. Last week, I presented our Prezi to a large corporate account and the feedback that one key attendee gave me was “that is the best property presentation I have ever seen” Are we happy? Yes, we are and happy to recommend that you look to see how the PDCo team can assist you and your presentations.
— Michael McQueen, Wealth Efficiency
So far, we’ve presented 6 times to over 150 people and the response has been excellent. The presentation has really helped us to get the right message out into the market. Normally our space can be a boring discussion but by using the presentation you put together has really captivated audiences. We’ve had over 20 new business submissions already since presenting.
— Global Insurance Company

OVER 1,500 clients have trusted us with their presentations to deliver compelling results