Prezi Design

From Australia's best presentation design team

We have used the Prezi a number of occasions and it works a treat! Well received and encompasses everything we were hoping – a great job, really appreciated!
— Adam Blatch, Ronald McDonald House Charities

A double-blind study by Harvard researchers found that Prezi was 21.9% more persuasive and 25.3% more effective then Powerpoint when it comes to Prezi, you have the ability to deliver more than a presentation; You can create an experience that creates an impact and results.

In addition to being amongst a small worldwide group of Officially Accredited Prezi Experts, Presentation Design Co. Director Kris Flegg has been voted one of the worlds best design experts by Prezi.  Over the last 7 years he and the team have been pioneers of Prezi design for clients from advertising to insurance.

The team has an unrivalled track record of over 1,500+ projects, taking clients raw concepts and transforming them into a highly engaging experience that delivers results.

If your presentation matters, the presentation tool you choose matters.

 Why consider Prezi?


We don't remember lists, we do remember a visual story. 


Prezi gives context to content


Prezi enables you to show the big picture & zoom into details