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“Occasionally you meet a service provider which genuinely under promises and over delivers. For us, PDCo are one of those providers.”



Australia’s Best Professional Powerpoint Design Team

We transform your raw, unpolished content into a professional presentation

PDCo. is a professional PowerPoint presentation design agency working to craft presentation slides and other visual communications into impressive PowerPoints that create impact.

 Collectively, our team of PowerPoint designers have worked with over 1,500 clients to develop professional presentations. Through this experience, we have developed a process of intelligent design to deliver the best value to our PDCo. clients.  

Rather than trying to communicate through layers of people, you will be matched with a dedicated Presentation Designer once a project is live. This PowerPoint expert will work with you personally to develop the theme, content and style of your presentation, and will be directly available to discuss all revisions and changes that may take place.


Why Clients Trust Us?


Intelligent Powerpoint

Lack of time, lack of resources or creativity under pressure creates a gap between what clients want for their powerpoint presentations and what they are able to achieve. Our underlying purpose is to take something that is inherently difficult in business and make it easier.

We do this through a process of Intelligent Powerpoint Design - genuinely understanding clients needs and constraints and working out a solution that best suits them.

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Presentations often happen with tight turn arounds and lots of variables. We get that. 

Through the experience of over 1,500 projects and thousands of hours we have developed a process that will get you from where you are now to where you'd like to be. It's the process that allows us to offer to give our clients the confidence of Guaranteed Delivery - projects that get done on time.



It's not just the destination, its the journey. 

At PDCo, we've evolved a direct/team structure where you work directly with your dedicated presentation designer through email and phone or even on-site with you. Your thoughts, ideas and feedback are captured directly in a co-creation process that means that we get to know you and can achieve a better result, quicker. The experienced, in-house team are a pleasure to work with.


What we do









“My work done by the team was professional, affordable and on time. I’d would highly recommend them”




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Polish Your PowerPoint Deck Using Your Brand 

What We’ll Do

We’ll keep your content as is, and focus 100% on the visual aspects of the deck being the format, fonts, iconography and ensuring a consistent brand. This is often where non designers struggle the most. The content is great, but alas, you’ve fallen into the 3 dot points and an image format that doesn’t cut it anymore.

What You’ll Get

An on brand, visually stunning deck that is yours to keep. Done in a super quick turnaround.


1 - 3 days


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Currently our most popular service, for when you have an existing deck that’s in need of a complete overhaul, a concept you want brought to life or something in between.

What We’ll Do

Via a consultation with our Founder and Director Kris as well as one of our experienced designers, we’ll work with you to understand exactly what your looking to achieve, as well as provide recommendations based on our experience designing thousands of presentation across virtually every industry and application.  From there, we’ll work closely with respect to copy, brand and formatting, as well as source fonts, iconography, imagery and everything necessary to deliver an amazing outcome.

What You’ll Get

A fresh, professional deck that’s yours to keep (no we don’t retain the IP like some others) that combines your subject matter expertise with our experience in designing thousands of presentation for some of the largest companies in Australia


3 - 10 days


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For situations where in addition to design services, you are also looking for both consulting as well as strategic direction as to the best approach for you.

What We’ll Do

Kris will work with you one on one to extrapolate out your core message, as well as provide his advice as to how to craft a narrative that will achieve your objectives.  From there Kris will work alongside you and our design team to design a deck to achieve this either onsite or remotely.

What You’ll Get

You’ll receive a fully customised, purpose built deck designed specifically for your requirement.  We’ll handle end to end the imagery, graphics, branding, iconography and fonts as well as work closely with you to craft the copy and content.  Unlike other design companies, you retain all IP and the deck is yours to keep.


As needed


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Our Guide to the 8 Most Common Mistakes Presenters Make

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