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Our creative team of experts takes your boring, uninspiring slides to the next level. From those horrid clip-art nightmares to the word dump disasters? No problem, we’ll transform it into an impressive, how in the Powerpoint did you do that, slide. You might think there’s no way you can make Powerpoint exciting! But yes way, we’ll take up that challenge and show you #yesitspowerpoint and make you a believer.

We at Presentation Design Co. believe that good design makes a difference. Trusted by over 1,500 Businesses to deliver professionally designed presentations.
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Once a week our challenge here at Presentation Design Co. will be to transform a nominated slide that’s in dire need of help.
Asset 27.png
Nominate a slide you want us to ‘Pimp’
It could be your own slide, a colleague’s, a conference presenter, or even your own boss!
Asset 26.png
Email the ‘offending’ slide
Shoot us an email at with the slide; it could be in Powerpoint, a PDF, a screenshot or a photo!
Asset 25.png
We’ll get to werk werk werk
Challenge accepted! We’ll werk our magic on the ‘offending’ slide and give it a whole new makeover!
Asset 24.png
The final reveal
We’ll share the final result on our instagram page and LinkedIn; where we encourage you to share and add the hashtag #pimpmyslide
Asset 12.png
See it all here! The before and after gallery of our Pimp My Slide transformations.

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