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The Donor Landscape Has Changed

With digital disruption, increasing skepticism and changing expectations, NFPs are facing ever increasing challenges to stay front of mind, relevant and unique as customers, stakeholders, funders are demanding demonstrable proof of real value that they provide.

NFPs that fail to deliver their communication with clarity and impact will also fail to deliver the outcomes their stakeholders demand and struggle to survive.

Decision makers within NFPs that embrace this challenge will thrive and continue to deliver the services critical to their stakeholders.

So what does it take to achieve this?




Clear, Compelling Messaging In The Right Format

It takes a team like PDCo who believe in the importance of your message as much as you do.  One that believes the ability to communicate a cause effectively can change lives. We are a team that value the outcome of your project as much as you do.

What makes NFP presentations unique to others is often the degree of complexity around the message.  Whether it is a corporate overview, donor engagement or awareness building, the most important decision so often is the right format for your structure.  

For linear messages, Powerpoint is often suitable.  However more often than not, the message is nonlinear, with disparate yet related concepts that need to be clearly articulated.  

In this case, our experience is that Prezi is the superior tool and as the foremost experts in Prezi within the Southern Hemisphere, we can ensure your NFP stands out above the pack.

Having designed countless Powerpoint and Prezi’s for NFPs around Australia including the Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House, The Funding Network and more, PDCo understands what it takes to get results and have a track record in delivering them.



customer projects

RonalD mcdonald house charities


One of the most well known and recognised charities in Australia, Ronald McDonald house required a Prezi presentation that accurately and concisely summarised their areas of operation and community outcomes achieved as part of an internal corporate communications program.  Given the shear number of areas they operate in, doing this in a manner that the audience was able to follow was no easy feat.


A Prezi that was able to do this, in a manner that the audience was easily able to follow and digest.  Through the effective use of zoom and other transition effects, the story of Ronald McDonald House came to life.  Delivered on time and incorporating customer feedback, PDCO looks forward to continuing our relationship with Ronald McDonald House.

Victorian responsible gambling foundation


With the formidable goal of eliminating gambling related harm from Victoria, the VRGF needed something that stood out from the pack.  Engaging PDCO, the decision was made to design and develop a Prezi presentation to address their external corporate and government stakeholders.


To achieve such an ambitious goal required thinking different.  In this case, a Powerpoint presentation simply wasn't enough. To effectively articulate the nuanced messaging surrounding the issue of problem gambling, PDCO leveraged amongst others the famed zoom capability of Prezi in addition to carefully selected imagery to deliver an external stakeholder presentation that acknowledged Victoria's love of sport whilst delivering the implications that gambling on them has.

Office of eSafety Commissioner


As part of the annual Safer Internet Day, the PDCO team was engaged to deliver a Powerpoint presentation tailored to an audience of both primary and high school children.  With the brief of communicating the dangers of the internet as well as appropriate behaviours to adopt in a manner both clear yet age appropriate, the PDCO team went to work to deliver the most compelling outcome possible.


Through the use of relatable imagery, colours and as implified overarching presentation structure, the core message and desired behavioural outcomes was able to be conveyed to the audience in such a way that they maximised the potential to be adopted.  As an annual event, PDCO is delighted to continue our work with the Office Of eSafety Commissioner.

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