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Educating Is Becoming Harder

No matter what industry you’re in, or job title you possess, one of the most challenging aspects any role is the ability to effectively educate your stakeholders.  

It’s not just the fact that attention spans are decreasing.  It’s the fact that your audience need is only one click away from competing information and distractions.

Knowledge transfer professionals who fail to acknowledge this undeniable change will rapidly lose their relevance, with their message being drowned out by the endless noise out there.  However, for those who embrace the challenge this presents, they will have the ability to change businesses, lives and careers.





Structure And Compelling Visuals Are Vital

At PDCo, we believe that clients looking to educate an audience require a particularly unique approach to their presentation.  Design is just the tip of the iceberg and so often the only element an agency looks to address.  Structure and form factor (be that Prezi or Powerpoint) are critical to the process.  

We work to understand your content and objectives to give you the ability to deliver the most powerful learning experience possible.




customer projects

Office of eSafety Commissioner


As part of the annual Safer Internet Day, the PDCO team was engaged to deliver a Powerpoint presentation tailored to an audience of both primary and high school children.  With the brief of communicating the dangers of the internet as well as appropriate behaviours to adopt in a manner both clear yet age appropriate, the PDCO team went to work to deliver the most compelling outcome possible.


Through the use of relatable imagery, colours and as implified overarching presentation structure, the core message and desired behavioural outcomes was able to be conveyed to the audience in such a way that they maximised the potential to be adopted.  As an annual event, PDCO is delighted to continue our work with the Office Of eSafety Commissioner.



As Australia's largest nonprofit autism-specific service provider, Aspect needed a partner to deliver a series of nine Powerpoint presentations to be used to support the delivery of various educational webinars to parents, caregivers and teachers of autistic persons.  


Recognising the complexity and sensitivities around this, the strategy put forward by PDCO was to recommended and implement various mechanisms to elicit a two-way dialogue during the webinars.  These proven strategies within an educational context ensure increase audience engagement and facilitate learning far greater then the traditional one way webinar/lecture format.  As part of PDCO's continued work with Aspect, a migration to the Prezi format is a potential next step to further optimise this.

Tertiary Information Service


Representing a collective of TAFE's, Universities and Independent Colleges across Victoria, Tertiary Information Services was looking for a presentation able to effectively communicate to high school students the value of tertiary study.


To deliver this message with impact required more then a standard Powerpoint presentation with some stats on it.  Due to the age of the audience, Prezi was deemed a perfect fit to convey the implications of tertiary study with gravitas and authority.  Using zoom and other unique transition capabilities, the relationship between tertiary study and success was conveyed in a manner far more persuasive then static slides alone.

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