You’ve got that story in you


We will work with you to help bring it out and make it come to life


You've got the story and we've got the ability to bring it to life.

Whether it's a keynote, sales pitch or internal communications, the Presentation Design Co team have worked with hundreds of presenters just like you.

We understand business and have the proven ability to ‘get’ clients quickly, conceptualise their ideas and then help them structure them in a way to best suit their presentation.


Delivering a presentation always ranks as one of our greatest fears. In business, there’s an outcome that can be tied back to delivering a successful presentation but isn’t usually this, it’s of rejection, of negative evaluation.

“Will they be engaged? Will they respond to what I have to say?”

If you could glimpse into the future and see the look amongst your audience and experience that feeling of absolutely nailing it, there would be no fear. So really, a winning presentation is just a product of good planning and structure. Knowing what to say, how to say it, and in what order.

For many of our clients, the hardest part is starting. What’s known as, “Blank Page Syndrome”.

This is rarely a case of not having anything to say, more often it’s that you have too much to say. You could do a presentation on twenty different things. What you need is a simple, tightly woven story. A story that impacts at both a logical and an emotional level. A story that’s as memorable as it is persuasive. If you're working on complex ideas or against the pressure of time and resources, it makes this an enormous challenge.

You’ve got that story in you, it’s our job to pull it out and through the experience of having done this hundreds of times from pitches to keynotes. Kris understands business and has the proven ability to ‘get’ clients quickly, conceptualise their ideas and then help them structure them in a way to best suit their presentation.


THE three components of the development phase


What’s your message/story? Everyone has an authentic story that makes you, you.)

How can you deliver your message/story with impact?


Who are your audience? What do they want, that you can give them?

What do they need to hear from you, to believe about you, in order for them to deem your presentation a success?


What action/ behaviour/ response do you hope to elicit from your audience?

What must happen for you to feel your presentation was effective?


The development of your presentation begins with a strategy session between yourself and our Director, Kris Flegg and a Senior Presentation Designer. This session can be hosted at our Pyrmont office, onsite at your location or online.

This session will set a structure and foundation for your presentation. At this stage we are also considering how this will come to life in Prezi or Powerpoint. As a Senior presentation designer is bought into the process early, running the design and development stages side by side allows us to be more agile and deliver results against tighter timeframes.