If your presentation matters, then your design matters.

Your audience is going make a judgement about your presentation as soon as you begin. A judgement about you as a person, a judgement about the importance of what it is you have to say, and a judgement of your company and your brand. A well-designed Prezi or Powerpoint can ensure this judgement is a positive one.


Prezi Design

Use Prezi's zooming canvas to create an impact 


PowerPoint Design

Move beyond bullet points and explore a new design approach to slides 


Design is a matter of aesthetics, yes, but it’s also more than that. It’s deeper. It carries emotional weight, it makes us feel. Great presentation design will cut through, engage your audience, create an impact, and make the ideas you're presenting easier to understand. It will make your concepts easier to remember and easier to accept.

Great design is something we do very well. So well, in fact, that Prezi has tagged our team as some of the best designers on the planet’. An accolade of this magnitude is not acquired overnight, it’s something we’ve been honing for the last 7 year across for hundreds of clients and thousands of presentations. Over this time, we’ve developed the proprietary design process of ‘intelligent design’ that allows us to produce higher quality design at a faster rate than any other firm.

As a presenter, executing this by yourself can be a huge challenge. It’s why you’ll notice most visual aids work against the presenter, not for them. It’s not uncommon to see slides with large chunks of text the presenter is using for talking notes, or poor design elements that only confuse the audience or let down the brand of a company. These presentations might be memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

What we’d like to do, with your permission, is work with you to understand your presentation goals and the constraints you’re working within. Then, through a process of ‘intelligent design’ we will use a toolkit of: visual hierarchy, unity, balance, colour psychology, focal points, typography, and much more to create a presentation that will help your presentation stand out. You may opt for just a simple polish, or you may wish to get a fully customised presentation. We’re flexible with your needs.

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You, the client, have a single point of contact, usually an Account Manager. They relay the information you have provided in the brief to their manager and design team. The design strategy is discussed in-house and you sit on the outside of this process. Your feedback, thoughts and ideas need to travel through several layers forward and back, each step adding to the time and budget but removing the relationship between you and the presentation.

It’s a flawed, siloed process that leads to projects that take longer and cost more than they should.


We've evolved a direct/team structure where you work directly with your dedicated presentation designer through email and phone or even on-site with you. Your thoughts, ideas and feedback are captured directly in a co-creation process that means that we get to know you and can achieve a better result, quicker.

Behind each project is an experienced team of in-house presentation specialists that collectively have worked on 1,000's of projects. The ability to share ideas and work together when needed mean we are agile and can deliver, even under tight deadlines.



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