How PDCo Can Build You The Best Sales Presentation Ever

Sales presentations have changed and it’s created winners and losers.  Winners will gain a competitive advantage in the war for customer mindshare and engagement, losers will be just another casualty in the fog of war that is sales.

Don’t take my word for it.  You can read all about it here in what’s been a game changer for the presentation design industry.

The article in question titled “The Greatest Slide Deck I’ve Ever Seen, It’s Zuora, It’s Brilliant and Here’s Why?” is in itself, brilliant.

Long story short, it articulates exactly why most sales presentations are an absolute chore to sit through, often serving as a backdrop to a confused, ill-defined sales engagement full of misconceptions and internalised frustration.

What’s so interesting about the article is that the framework it refers to for building this type of presentation isn’t new.  In fact, within the presentation design community it is quite well know.  The majesty of this article is how perfectly it communicates the implications of a sales presentation that uses the Three Rooms framework, referencing an all too familiar frustration faced by salespeople.  More specifically, it explains exactly how an effective sales presentation ensures you win more business.

Sales presentations are the exact intersection between sales and marketing.  It’s the moment where sales and marketing combine forces to communicate how the company can solve the prospect's problem better than the competition.  And more often than not this intersection results in a car crash with both the prospect and salespeople being the principle casualties.

So why is this the norm, rather than the exception.  Simple.  Sales presentations aren’t a function of sales, but likewise, aren’t the domain of most marketing departments.  The skills required to develop an effective sales presentation require a unicorn of sorts.  Someone who’s been in the trenches of sales but understands the nuances of graphic design and messaging.  

Seldom does this exist in house which is where PDCo comes in.  Put simply, if you think your business would benefit from arming your reps with the greatest presentation ever… then we can help.