3 Strategies Elite Presenters Use to Educate Their Audience

Virtually all presentations have an educational component.  Whether this be related to a product, concept or belief the act of knowledge transfer is an almost always an integral component of achieving the objective of a presentation.

The presenters that will benefit from this article are not just those who purely look to educate. In fact there is a strong argument to say that the principles of educational presentations are more important for those who perhaps have an ulterior motive to educating, such as the sale of a product or service.

Here are some simple yet extremely powerful tips to increase the effectiveness of your presentation.

1. Start With A Relevant Story
Stories are fundamental to the way we learn and attention is a finite resource.  With these in mind, starting your presentation with a story that is emblematic of the outcome you are looking to achieve or develops intrigue about the subject matter is the best way to start your presentation.  For example, if you are looking to educate business owners on how to achieve their objectives (whilst simultaneously selling consulting services) you may wish to start your presentation with a story about a customer who you unsuccessfully helped and one you did and incorporate a moral to this story.  Alternatively, it may be as simple as asking the audience to imagine what true financial independence would feel like.  

2. The Destination Comes Next
Clearly articulate the destination of the journey you are taking people on.  Using the aforementioned business consulting scenario, explain that “I intend to give you the tools to achieve your goals that have worked for hundreds of business owners like you.”  Without making the destination clear, the audience will not know whether or not it is worth getting on the bus.

3. Visuals, Visuals, Visuals.
Humans learn visually.  We can’t read and listen at the same time and if you are relying on people to do this people will lose interest very quickly in your presentation.  A polished modern Prezi or Powerpoint presentation will ensure optimum knowledge transfer and your thought leadership and personal brand.