How We Can Help You Better Engage Employees

Today, the benefits of an engaged vs disengaged workforce hold themselves to be self evident.  If you are unfamiliar with them, may I strongly suggest you drop everything and read this article.

Simply put, organisations that have a workforce who value the objectives of their company win. 

Companies whose employees phone it in tend to fair not so well.

The ability for your company to engage their employees in such a way that you receive a healthy ROI in returns depends largely on “the why.”

Don’t take it from me, take it from the following TED Talk which revolutionised the way in which so many companies choose to communicate with their employees.

So armed with this knowledge, what are your next steps and how does PDCo fit into the picture?

First and foremost, we need to help you develop a “corporate narrative.”  This encompassed not just why your business exists, but looks to build a belief structure within you organisation and a common goal that is mutually beneficial.  

The next step and the one which can be the most difficult is articulating this message in a compelling format (be that Powerpoint or Prezi).  

So often, the nuances of a corporate communications effort is lost in translation.  Likewise, the impact required to deliver real change can also be lacking if the presentation is text heavy, too long or unclear.

Even worse is scenarios where employees are apathetic or cynical about the message in the first place, and as such, disengage immediately.

At PDCo, we help corporations get an ROI by assisting them to better engage employees through the development of your corporate narrative as well as providing the tools in which to communicate it.