Think Outsourcing Is The Best Way To Get The Job Done? Try Insourcing

Let’s assume for a second that you have a huge project due at work within the next week (this may actually be a reality for you, thus why you’re reading this article right now).

You’ve got all the below T’s crossed and I’s dotted:

  • The time to put it together;
  • The subject matter or knowledge of your product;
  • Reserved copyright of the images you’re using;
  • A thorough understanding of your audience;
  • The necessary presentation software expertise;
  • And finally, complete access to this software (to the tune of Prezi, Powerpoint or Canva).

This presentation is going to be broadly visible to major stakeholders across the business, and so isn’t just important to the company’s bottom line - but to your personal brand within the organisation.

Basically, it’s important - and you’ve got all the tools to DIY in your arsenal.

The result is going to be fantastic. So, you can stop reading now.

If you haven’t stopped, we’re assuming that something key is missing from the above list. It’s time to admit it, you need to sit down with a presentation specialist.  Around 30% of our site-to-lead customers are just like you, so don’t fear.  It all starts with a phone call: "I have a big presentation due in a few days, I thought I could do it myself but I'm stuck. Help!” Sound familiar?

We’re used to working to tight deadlines and with frantic clients.

Naturally, though, timeliness isn’t everything, and this may raise another important point for you. If subject matter and product knowledge is so inherently crucial, then how could you possibly outsource the work to a company with very limited knowledge of your industry?  Like the conductor of 50-piece chamber orchestra, you’re the only one who knows how to bring the symphony together. So, it’s vital that you’re directly involved in the process.

We work with our customers closely to fully understand their requirements and ensure that the content is spot on.  We’re unlike other presentation companies in this way - most place little emphasis on the importance of involving the client, and this is to their detriment.

It can be hard to work collaboratively for some designers, but ours are open to feedback and criticism - it helps us grow, and leads to the best outcomes for our clients.

Outsourcing is a traditional way to think about presentation design, but insourcing is the method that drives real results - not only for our clients, but for us. If you have internal capabilities to deliver, and the willingness of your presentation provider to accommodate your expertise - then you have a perfect match.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.