So You Want To Give A Presentation On Innovation? Then Be Innovative

Innovation, creativity and thinkin’ outside the box - a triple whammy in the new-age presentation circuit.

Oh, and let's not forget the new kid on the block - disruption.

These terms have become so synonymous within the global corporate psyche that it’s now almost impossible to sit through a presentation without at at least one of them playing a formative role in the key message.

Most forward-thinking organisations want to nurture and encourage creativity within their ranks, and this is great, but, ironic when it’s delivered using a traditional Powerpoint presentation.

Those whom rely on Powerpoint to deliver a message don’t lack imagination - it’s a 97% used tool that exists one click away from almost every desktop in the world.

And as such, it's not innovative and your audience knows this.

If I had a dollar for every presentation on innovation I've sat through, featuring a black-on-white, headed up, three-dot-pointer set of slides (with an obligatory light bulb in there somewhere), I’d be a very, very wealthy man.

So what's the alternative is.

Introducing Prezi.

Whereas Powerpoint is but a single tool within the Microsoft Office suite, Prezi focuses on one thing only: the science of effective presentations.

In fact, a double-blind study conducted by Harvard researchers found that Prezi was 21.89% more persuasive. The audience actually reported:

“Compared to the sequential, linear transitions in slideware (and oral presentations’ total lack of visual aids), zooming in and out of a virtual canvas was a more favourable experience overall.”

Prezi has a range of features that allow presenters to deliver a far more compelling message than that available to the average Powerpoint users.

From the first second of the presentation, Prezi takes its audience on a journey - something profoundly unique from what they are used to. Ears perk up, pupils expand, minds are engaged.

And herein lies the fundamental reason why a presentation looking to foster innovation should use Prezi: the safety net of Powerpoint isn’t as safe as it once was, and especially not in the face of so much real disruption.